Elf Yourself Flash Mob Invades NYC (Video)

On Tuesday, we wrote about the return of Elf Yourself. OfficeMax has been sponsoring Elf Yourself for the last four years and its an early example of successful, web-based viral campaigns.

OfficeMax decided to get really meta with the Elf Yourself campaign by creating a flashmob in New York City. On November 3 in Union Square, OfficeMax hired several hundred performers to assemble — dressed in elfin gear — and do synchronized choreography for a crowd of delighted and confused passerbys.

Consider this Elf Yourself IRL (in real life):


What do you think of creating a viral campaign for a viral campaign? Is it meta-overload or does the existence of real-life Elf Yourself flash mob bring you holiday cheer? Let us know!



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  1. 😆 isn’t this great?a friend that works for Opera made one of me and send it over! funny he said “it is more fun to make one for others than seeing one of yourself ” 😆 I agree :heart: I enjoyed it so much I will surprise my kids with one of each too! (I still feel we should enjoy Thanksgiving ” first… I am having people over.. what are you doing? 🙂 are you going home or your parents visit you?

  2. I hope is more than a long weekend! :up:no pumpkin pies this year, I making baklava and instead of a big Turkey only Turkey breast and Lasagna :p*drools all the way to the kitchen ** :p

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