Bomberman Blitz on DSiWare

I have been playing that for the past 3 hours and it is hard to stop. I went through the tutorials. They were helpful. Played a game with 7 cpus on one of the maps and that was a lot of fun.

Game Overview
Bomberman makes his debut downloadable appearance on the DSiWare service with Bomberman Blitz! Online play included!
Bomberman makes his debut downloadable appearance on DSiWare with Bomberman Blitz! Experience the classic Bomberman multiplayer experience with 8 player local and online multiplayer through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Hone your skills and learn the maps and when ready, take the battle online! Change multiple map and item preferences for tons of customization options to battle it out. Delivering unparalleled multiplayer gaming excitement, Bomberman Blitz gives everyone who picks up the Nintendo DSi system the addictive fun of Bomberman, anytime, anywhere! Bring friends!

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