Throwback N64 of Rare video games

A few videos of some older Nintendo 64 video games.   Rare is one of the better know game developers for the Nintendo 64, they are most well know for GoldenEye 007.

I have played most of these games, Perfect Dark was one of the few games for the Nintendo 64 that required the Expansion Pack to be able to play the video game.


Rare Revealed: The Making of Perfect Dark



(This one below is one game that would not be safe for kids)


Rare Replay – The Making Of Conker’s Bad Fur Day




Rare Replay – The Making Of Jet Force Gemini




Rare Replay – The Making Of Blast Corps

Blue Beanie Day 2015

It is almost that time of year again.  “The ninth annual Blue Beanie Day in support of web standards will be celebrated around the world on November 30, 2015”



Why Open the Web?

Despite the connecting purpose of the Web, it is not entirely open to all of its users.

When used correctly, HTML documents can be displayed across platforms and devices.


However, many devices are excluded access to Web content.



This reminds me a bit of Ghost in the Shell

“A teenage girl has spoken of the change in her life after being given a bionic hand – the technology for which is being developed by scientists on Tyneside.”



In the show Ghost in the Shell many characters have bionic body parts and they all had to learn how to use them

There are many other sites that talk about Ghost in the Shell