Bet you can’t do this

Fastest iPhone Typist

UPDATE #2: For the skeptics, I downloaded this app on March 9th and recorded this video on March 11th. Here is another source to show that typing fast is not exclusive to iTextSpeed taken on March 14th:
I did not practice much, and indeed do not have a life since I'm a student studying to go to med school. But I do like to live a little by researching and reading daily about technology, playing heavily rendered 3D games, loving Jannett, and doing plenty of physical activities. You can subscribe if you want to see my newest project called Second Opinion, where I can give you guys an unbiased review on products / games / tech / anything you want that explicitly states whether if you should get it or not. Until then, thanks! (Especially to Gizmodo!) [Hi Engadgetarians and Redditors]

UPDATE #1: My latest record is now 83 WPM. I'm aiming for 90… and if I get that, then I don't know whats impossible!

Hello! Sorry about the quality. This is the best camera I have… and right now I am wishing I used the camera that Engadget uses. (Probably a Canon 5D Mark II… so jealous…)
If you don't believe the video due to quality issues, I have the picture uploaded via imgur
at this link:
And if you are skeptical that I just got lucky one time, I have another picture to prove that I've done this before:
Currently, I have the crown in being the fastest typist on a mobile phone device @ 81 wpm (words per minute). The device used was an iPhone 3GS.
Furthermore, to verify this I used an application known as iTextSpeed. I just got it a few days ago, and beware: it's extremely addictive.
I honestly believe that there isn't a faster speed out there at the moment, so I went ahead and submitted this to the Guinness Book of World Records. Hopefully my application will be accepted!


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