6 Replies to “I just started a blog. How can I start getting some traffic?”

  1. interesting!I got from John a msg the other day saying “you are nbr 1 on goodle ! “:p I never check it out but if people do,I am delighted they visit my posts :pI sure feel priiledged to be able to visit yours every day 🙂

  2. LOL. I googled “coxy is a liar” and found my above comment.(because I never googled that and at the time of writing, it probably wasn’t #1 result… but is now, because of my comment.)

  3. When I started a year ago I had to submit my blog to google blogs. I read somewhere it likes content and links in a golden ratio of about 5:1/ 10-1., what you’d expect of a well written piece with references every paragraph. I put my other interesting links into (3) blog posts and then did an opera link to it, (3 times) ,this makes the blog post page more credible to google – I have only 3 opera links, to myself, but 50 odd outward bounds in the 3 posts. It’s best to name your photos in 2-4words, and not use the blog another photo option as this reduces the photo to an opera server numerical. Linking photo albums to the blog is good SEO., and eyecatching photos get clickx, and bookmarks and traffic…

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