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  1. PS no I am not staying in 2005 but i had to see as much as possible :lol:also if you are into photoshopped weird,magnificent,cool pictures this link has many hous of fun too!(77 pages of the best!)http://www.freakingnews.com/cdir.asp?page=11

  2. hahahaha yes indeed,listeni have a couple of more links that you might enjoy :this is a black hole:http://www.animated-gifs.eu/oh the things the have in the XXX area 😆 so much for animation but the regular gifs pwn!the otherhttp://peopleconnection.aol.com/ (another hole if you ask me :p )the link I left in my post and it is fun beyond fun on photosopped pictures :http://www.freakingnews.com/cdir.asp?page=21all very diggable :lol:I hope I dont disctuct you from your studies ,but if I am I hope it is in a nice way :p

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