Before and After: Mac in a Box

By Jason Fitzpatrick, 1:00 PM on Sat Feb 21 2009

Lifehacker reader IronManMac remodeled his office and workflow after mountains of clutter left his office so messy his wife would hide it behind closed doors when company came calling. More pics below.

When we asked IronManMac what inspired his radical departure from an office piled high with books, papers, and spare electronic parts, he offered up a two-fold answer. The first is a phenomena almost everyone has experienced at some point: stuff will expand to consume every available space if left unchecked.

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  1. It is all about planing out the work space. Good organization, not feeling like that there is a clutter on your desk also helps a lot. When you do a room it help if you draw the room on a pice of paper and then draw out different ideas of the arrangement (computer drawing works too).

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