Updates for Hotmail and Messenger, then Windows Live Wave 4

Microsoft is planning another update to the Wave 3 versions of Hotmail and Messenger. After all that is done, the beta of Wave 4 will begin, with invites being sent out next month.

By Emil Protalinski | Last updated February 4, 2009 6:54

Even though Windows Live Wave 3 web services went final in December 2008 and the Wave 3 client applications arrived in January 2009, there are still updates coming in for both, like a slew of Hotmail improvements and products like Windows Live Calendar moving out of beta. Microsoft is almost done with Wave 3 though, the company expects to roll out an updated version of Hotmail that includes built-in Messenger and POP3 support worldwide. On the Messenger front, Neowin reports that a new build will soon be released:

A Microsoft employee recently listed a new build number of Windows Live Messenger in their personal status message. After speaking with a company representative, they are preparing to release a QFE (Quick Fix Engineering) patch for Windows Live Messenger. At this time no exact date has been announced, I expect they will release it within the next two weeks as the Windows Live team finishes up the Wave 3 releases. The build will not contain any new features and will focus on bug fixes and Windows 7 functionality. The build number announced will be 14.0.8059.0127.

My best bet would be that the "Windows 7 functionality" is referring to the annoying implementation of the Messenger icon and the Superbar. If you're on the Windows 7 beta, you know exactly what I'm talking about: there's an extra, unnecessary, hidden window representing that you are still signed but that the program is closed.

After these two updates (and probably a few more for good measure), Microsoft will be able to completely focus on Windows Live Wave 4, which is widely expected to be ready by the RTM of Windows 7. Wave 4 is already being tested internally, and beta invites are to be sent out next month.


Screenshots of Messenger integrated with Hotmail

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