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  1. don’t know more but it is a good video. I play zelda games alot and know and like alot of the music. My favorite zelda game so far is wind waker. Wind waker has lots of good musicbest wind waker song: dragon roost island musici mostly play wind waker but ive played some other ones.

  2. Some people like DR island from WW. Haven’t played TP yet. we have it just don’t know wheresince i don’t play the 64 much im not that far in OOT but i say that hyrule field music is good and i like Great sea and hyrule castle music from WW.

  3. I haven’t been to The great sea in a while because i beat wind waker (but started a new file but still doing some stuff on my old file) and there is not much to do but there is still things to at windfall so I go there alot but its not stuck in my head yet

  4. Are u talking about wind waker?If you are i think i have all the upgrades (from the spirit on the seashell islands)but not al the pieces of heart.Do you go to Dragon roost or outset at all and how much do u go to windfall or forest haven?

  5. Originally posted by Chas4:its a fun challengeit is a fun challenge and the whole game is fun and thats why i started a new file when i beat my old onei also kinda wish wind waker was longer i started my old file and it took a while and boom i beat it. Thats why im going to purposely make my new file take longer so I can enjoy the game longer did u ever do that?

  6. Originally posted by Chas4:I am guessing you got a 502 proxy errorwhy do you say that?Exploring the great sea is fun. It is also fun looking for glitches in the game so u can do stuff u couldn’t before. I found a few glitches on outset island and one of my friends showed me a few hidden places on outset island.Have you found any glitches or hidden places?

  7. (you’ll want to read all of this) The outset island one is if you fly a seagull into the hole that takes you to the mini dungeon you will go out the side of the island BUT if you fly in the hole going towards the island you will fly inside the island. Its really fun doing that. The secret places are if you crawl under the porch of your grandma’s house you will go into a place where there is 100 rupees and the other one is on the house with the pig pen you can climb up on the pen fence and walk on it (the direction away from the house) and climb on the higher part of it and then walk across that (going towards the house) and than jump on the roof and walk on the roof to the hole in it, jump in to g to the attic and there is lots of good stuff in it. not much rupees but lots of bombs arrows etc. and there is a hole in the attic to the main part but don’t jump though until you get all the stuff. You should try it.

  8. I had seen about 3 duplicate comments ( I remove the duplicates) and I have seen 502 errors make duplicates beforeHave not found any and it has been awhile since I have looked around

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