Why Does Microsoft refuse to fix a very old crasher bug in IE?

Internet Explorer Sucks

http://www.crashie.com/ (AVG gives you a warning tho, there is no malware on the site) This will even Crash IE for Mac (5.2.3), (Active Content being on will cause the hang when Active Content is off it will not hang), It will Crash IE 6 and & 7 (protected mode is a kind of a work around)

What's the source code that causes it to crash?

<script>for(x in document.write){document.write(x);}</script>

Ha! My IE didn't crash.. What do you say to that?! No matter how you look at it, IE is still a horrible browser.

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Why Open the Web?

Despite the connecting purpose of the Web, it is not entirely open to all of its users. When used correctly, HTML documents can be displayed across platforms and devices. However, many devices are excluded access to Web content.


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