Is Microsoft not telling the truth?

The video

I get a PowerPoint made in Office on windows, then try to open it in Keynote,, and PowerPoint 2008 for Mac render it the same way, different from that of windows, makes you wonder if even Microsoft products on a different OS render it different than that of there own OS

If you look at Microsoft's history on the web and that illegal activity (they have been fined many times for it), makes you wonder about the use of Microsoft Office as a possible monopoly space…

What do you think, have any experience?

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  1. Tho the strange part is that 2 other apps rendered the PowerPoint the same way, Keynote, PowerPoint 2008, and all render the document made on Powerpoint on Windows the same exact way, the text on every slide would be shifted down and on most of the slides it made the slides less readable I was looking at it in class, the teacher had it up on the projector and it was fine, but when I loaded the exact same file it was a bit off

  2. IE 9 ????????Who in hell is interested in such a malware (badware)?No other internet-software is like Opera – no other is so good!Compare Opera with LCARS, please. If you like to compare the incomparable!

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