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  1. IE 9 is supposed to be much better than IE 8 (IE 9 is vista and up only), it has HTML 5 (css 3 I think also) so after IE 9 and a few months later we should she a biig increase in the use of parts of html 5 and css 3

  2. Originally posted by Chas4:IE 9 is vista and up onlyJup, thats bad, MS should**** bring out WinXP SP4 with IE 9 (even when feature reduced***) as last Present, as partial compensation, THEY caused the chaos into the web till IE 3** -> today mostly with IE 6-8. IE 3 = first REAL MS & with ActiveX. (AUG 1996)And Win XP FREE for all Win 2000 Users (Workstations, same licence Type).Edit: IE 5 included in Win 2000 & available till down to Win (DOS) 3.1x!OS-availability: Win 2000 since Feb 2000 & Win 3.1x since Apr 1992 (at first with IE 2 in 1995).*** = Without D2D & Protected Mode & ASLR** http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ce/Internet-explorer-usage-data.svg **** = forced, when possibleEdit2: I am an Win XP user and will not buy a new Windows (and new Computer) only to use IE9! I will buy a new Computer, when I want it!!Comparison:I can use Opera EVEN @ Win NT4 (SP6) (see “NTMan”) and Win 98 (see a changelog @ Opera Dektop Team Blog to Opera 10.6x & 10.70) [& 95]!

  3. I will revenge @ Micro$oft …. ^^Buy genuine Win 7 Pro OEM (M$ does not like it, but is allowed in Germany ^^) from for MAX. 60 EUR (€) (or Home for Max 40 EUR) or cheaper (instead of > 310 EUR for Pro retail -> Gaming ^^ And install Internet Exploder 9 for System Only (jap Opera does its internet job ^^)and Will install Linux @ a used Laptop (i will buy) -> Nothing for M$ ^^ 😀

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