time warner cable browser sniffer fail


I go to the site and get this (using Opera 10.54)

This site was designed to work best with Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, or Safari 3 or higher. Click on one to download it for free.

This is still going on Today 6/27/2010 yes still in 2010

Firefox 2 is dead no longer supported for at least a years now, and Safari 3 is also dead for well over a year

IT: Chase Bank May Drop Support of Chrome, Opera (check the comments also)

Wells Fargo epic fail (can't count in double digits (says 4 is greater than 10.10))

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  1. I like this one:Re:As a member of the IT department… (Score:4, Informative)by Aladrin (926209)on Sunday June 27, @06:34PM (#32711664) So you don’t support IE7 and IE8 either, then? Because speaking as a developer at a different company, we have to specifically test each of those separately anyhow. And Firefox, of course. And Safari.So what you’re really saying is that it’s too hard to support 3 versions of IE and Firefox and Safari AND Chrome and Opera as well.Since Chrome is Webkit, just like Safari, it seems to me you should probably go ahead and support that one. And if your app works on Firefox and Safari without any hacks, it’ll run on Opera as well.And like it or not, Chrome is taking market share from IE and Firefox. We are rapidly approaching a market that doesn’t have 1 dominant browser, and you’ll have to support them anyhow. Giving up now is letting go of things you’ll need right before they become critical.I feel we need a car analogy, so it’s like going from a single car on the highways to having many companies making many cars, but paving your roads to only work for that single car.http://it.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1700050&cid=32711664

  2. dirk Are they on XP SP2 still because that is losing support as SP3 is still for a few yearsAre they stuck with IE 6 because of compatibility issues?

  3. I wonder if they know that they could lose a lot of money since a hacker could have an easy time getting into the computers with all those security holes, then then have to pay all the fines for the security breech

  4. neither … nor … they just don’t care (imho) … seriously they don’t have professional administrators that’s the only reason …they are simply not aware of security reasons … if your administrator only does what he has to do and not thinking a little step further you will be stuck like this … they’re stuck in didgital lethargy … ’cause everything seems to work :awww:

  5. Anonymous writes:time warner is..well… a acble tv company. they are know for two things:rerunsdinosaur technologycustomer non-service.that is actually three, but i am still on hold with time warner customer service about the counting error.but then it can be,because opera version 10 has serious performance problems with weird lock-and wait during the fetching of pages in multiple tabs.the subtract 1 command from time warner must have been rereouted to oslo, i guess.now that will be an expensive customer service call….

  6. Originally posted by Chas4:I wonder if they know … the trouble is that it’s not about knowing … they just won’t care even if they’ knew better …

  7. Originally posted by thetomster:the trouble is that it’s not about knowing … they just won’t care even if they’ knew better …Have they seen this ?German government warns against using MS Explorerhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8463516.stm

  8. 😀 yeah, I’ve shown them … and you know, they only said “Ah, …!” … and they thought … nothing at all. funny enough the BSI is only a few hundred meters away from our office 😆

  9. Originally posted by Chas4:Do they know that IE 6 was to blame for the hack on Google and 34 other companies?… be sure they know … so at the moment I’m running the firefox 4.0 beta (portable) … probably the only one of 4.500 users :p

  10. :up: of course … but now just testing ff …. the opera is way faster … but also got the portable chrome … really fast but not very comfortable … no link … that’s the best in opera got everything with me opera mini 5 the 10.6 3451 build … and it works even with the proxy :up:

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