Mystery Volcano May Have Triggered Mini Ice Age

December 12, 2009

Global warming may be making some people nervous now, but from 1810 to 1819, people worried because the Earth was colder than usual.

For an entire decade, the Earth cooled almost a full degree Fahrenheit. In fact, 1816 was known as the year without a summer. And until recently, scientists weren't quite sure…

7 Replies to “Mystery Volcano May Have Triggered Mini Ice Age”

  1. I usually find some quality static on the radio and listen to them coming in. Yeah 1811-12 NewMadrid & California turned upside down, 1809 and an Arctic volcano; Tambora in Indonesia…

  2. interesting. i had a friend once who was an engineer, a tunneling engineer. he was also an avid rock hound. his knowledgeable opinion was that the earth is on the whole getting colder. :smile:but i saw the antartic charts and documentary on that speedy melting… that kind of convinced me. :sherlock:

  3. The atmospheric system is barely a coat of paint on a very large blue xmas ornament. We’ll probably worship trees, air and water in the future as our ancestors did… It’s funny, the Mayans & Egyptians were bright enough to hold the Sun sacred as the prime mover in World affairs. The decadent powers that be worshipped Henry Ford & Standard Oil, but are soon turncoat when it suits them..

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