15+ amazing anti IE resources

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Jung on Sep 28, 2009 | 53 comments

"I hate Internet Explorer, and I’m pretty 99% of you do too. In this article, I have compiled a complete list of 15+ “Anti Internet Explorer"


Internet Explorer Sucks
(may crash IE)

Vulnerability Report: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
Unpatched 16% (22 of 139 Secunia advisories)

Vulnerability Report: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x

Vulnerability Report: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x

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  1. Bish writes:Anti Explorer is a small piece of code you can place in your site’s HTML which stops Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE / Explorer) from rendering your page. Along-side this, a notification alerts the user he / she is using MSIE and prompts him / her to download Firefox instead.We’ve all been there. We design our site with Internet Explorer in mind, only to find we have to resort to numerous hacks and complicated code to get our site looking like it should in MSIE. Numerous Web Citizens have written hacks and workarounds for MSIE, only to be dismayed at all the extra effort they had to put in to get their designs cross-compatible with MSIE.http://anti.eire-media.com/

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