Texting while driving: A dangerous distraction

It’s becoming a modern day issue and not just saved for the teenagers or drivers in personal vehicles–texting while driving is making headlines again as the head of the Boston transit authority has announced a ban on cell phones for all train, trolley, and bus operators. Last week, a 24-year-old trolley operator injured 49 people after crashing into another trolley while sending a text message to his girlfriend. Last September, 25 people were killed and 125 injured after a commuter train in California crashed after the engineer was sending and receiving text messages. There are a number of state laws restricting cell phone and texting use while driving.


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  1. My friend almost got killed when he drove his bike in one tunnel and a car hit him from behind. A driver was typing a text message…. :irked:He didn`t even apologize for that, stupid ass….

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