Silverlight 3

So Silverlight 3 is out and still no support for Opera and other browser. One major flaw of Silverlight is the very poor ("Microsoft approved") browser support. Adobe's flash has much better browser support than Microsoft's Silverlight, so if Microsoft does not shape up and fix this asap SIlverlight's usage will go down as it is limited to a few browser while Flash is not as limited, but the ones to follow are web standards

Silverlight 3 arrives early

Silverlight is here:

Opera releases "Bork" edition
The Swedish Chef Goes After Microsoft

United States v. Microsoft

European Union Microsoft competition case

Some fine Microsoft has had

European Commission accuses Microsoft of illegally tying Internet Explorer to Windows

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  1. I don’t like Silverlight. I hadn’t seen a Web Site using it as a main tool.I still prefer Flash and also JavaFX (tough, JavaFX applets cannot be run since Opera 9.64)I don’t know why Microsoft says only some browsers are compatible (and not Opera) is compatible, while Opera loads perfectly Silverlight objects! :bomb:

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