Microsoft proposes launching an IE-free Windows 7 ‘E’ in Europe

Microsoft is stepping up its campaign to try to appease European Commission (EC) regulators who are mulling possible remedies in the ongoing Opera-Microsoft browser-bundling case in the European Union….

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  1. 🙂 … hm, we will see then, I guess microsoft will come as close as it gets to look not so bad in public with windows 7 again after the vista disaster, especially in europe … but to me there’s no reason at ll why a modern OS should have a browser or more than one bundled … it should be able to connect to the internet without like any linux distribution can do … there was a good comment on the zdnet blog to this:The impossible for Microsoftseems to be trivial for Linux.Install ANY Linux distribution and it is “connected to the internet” before it is installed. Connected to the distribution’s server or mirror where it downloads any additional packages selected, INCLUDING A BROWSER, (which is not interlaced with and integrated into the guts of the OS), and so can be uninstalled when installation is complete, with no adverse effects to the system. The OS can (and does) still connect to the distro’s server without the aid of a “browser” to add or subtract any packages (programs, add-ons, plugins, files, etc, including “browser”) selected or de-selected.Of course Microsoft could (and does, see WGA and DRM) do the same thing. They just don’t want Joe Shmoe to know he can do anything without Microsoft’s control. Posted by: Ole Man Posted on: 06/11/09

  2. One of the other problems with Windows Internet Explorer is that it has been merged into the OS. The help in Windows is based on IE there are a few other parts of WIndows that are based on IE code. SO you hack IE you have the Windows systemApple did it slight differently, with webkit used by Safari and Mail from what I know the reset is not all webkit. If someone wants to add more, feel free.

  3. Chuck using Internet explorer is a pain! I still have windows XP in case I have no choice and nn to use windows but other than that I see no need to use any of them in a regular basis…another very informative post, thanks! :heart:

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