Why Opera even exists

I've seen people ask why Opera even exists. Well, if it didn't the other browsers wouldn't have new features to copy.

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  1. 🙂 good point … “nothing to copy” … even the speed is a remarkable one :up:… to me it’s because of stability together with look and feel but first of all the vibrant community connected to a special product … in all it’s simply the best – and getting better!

  2. two wordsthe fastesta great reason in my books!a lot of hard work from a small group of people that love what they do,Opera is becoming a passion not a job to many and a passion to many users like myself :heart:

  3. If not for OPERA I would be stuck with a broken down wap protocall. And I would not have the opportunity to share the things on my blog!Hi Angeliki, fancy meeting you here!!

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