9 Replies to “Phishing scam with fake AARP email making the rounds”

  1. ScooterC writes:There is no AARP email address, to send fraudulent email to.So I assume they REALLY aren’t being helpful to the computer-email challenged individuals, nor pro-active.Their members are being attacked and they don’t seem to care.Microsoft and Google cares, THEY have reporting email addresses, as do most of the people-oriented sites.I got three of the fraud emails on 09-17-09 and another on 09-20-09. I searched the entire AARP site to find zero, Nada about the emails or a reporting email address of any kind. NOTHING!Take Care,Scooter C

  2. ScooterC they spoof AARP (fake the address) and most users don’t know the difference other the emails are very well spoofedSometimes the addresses are disposable oneshttp://www.ftc.gov/spam/has a address you can forward some spam to

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