2 Replies to “Sane MySpace user prevents Webcam suicide”

  1. When I was in army, one young soldier “tried” to commit suicide in front of his platoon, trying to stick a bayonet in his stomack. His friends jumped and disarmed him and he was later dismissed from military service. But it was proved that he was faking it, wanted to be dismissed. Bayonet wasn`t even sharp. Well, I guess he shouldn`t be there anyway, because it is very unpleasant way to avoid army.Few months later, one friend from my platoon asked me a favor: to break his arm so he would spent some time at home. I told him to fuck off. So he did another thing by himself. Cut his foot with razor and almost crippled himself because a cut was very deep. He spent time in military hospital instead :left:Whether this boy wanted to commit suicide or not, he needed help. And probably some time off the Internet.

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