10 Replies to “Fox News Fear Imbalance, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

  1. Thanks Chas. I’ll take a look. I love Jon. Gee, Hulu? Could that be because of Censorship maybe? You don’t want us “furriners” to catch on? Screw You!

  2. I guess to try to proctect the copyrighted material in the videos, the illegal copies on other sites I guess are a result of people cracking the code and stealing the videos, they may also try to but them up on torrent sites

  3. True. But good luck! Trying to protect Copyrights in this day and age of the ‘Net is like trying to wipe out alcohol as the US and Canada, and others did in the ’20’s, or to wipe out pornography or prostitution or hard drug usage. An excercise in futility! And even if they restrict the site to the US, UK, etc, it will make no difference. Do they really believe that no Amurikuns or Brits do the same thing? Or is it only the evil Russkies and Canucks, etc? Let’s face it. The only way to protect Copyrights is not to put the stuff on the ‘Net in the first place. As soon as it’s on the ‘Net anywhere, it’s gone! Look at YouTube. They piously state that “It’s against our policy for you swine to upload Copyrighted material!” Well, if all the swine obeyed that, YouTube would have about 3 videos – pre-war Nazi Propaganda films! :lol:I’m not placing any blame on those who may think that such restrictions will work. I’m sure they are motivated by the best of intentions. This is one of those cases where HARD REALITY makes a mockery of their efforts. Seems to me that the Copyright Laws as they stand are simply obsolete. This happens from time to time. Technology often requires major changes to the Body of Law. Examples: Do car drivers today obey (hopefully) the same laws that were written for horses and buggies? Did Julius Caesar have an Air Transport Safety Board? Of course not. All countries had to draft whole new sets of laws to deal with motorized transport and aircraft.It’s history. As technology develops, and societies change, hopefully for the better, the Body of Law has to change too to keep up. Trying to apply Copyright Laws that were written several decades ago in the Age of the Internet is folly indeed. What needs to be done is an International Conference, perhaps, to give serious consideration to this matter, and it is an important matter, and see if new Copyright Laws can be developed which would make sense and be enforcable in the Age of Instant Communications which are open to everybody. Otherwise, the Authorities are just beating a dead horse! Non-enforcable laws are as useful as tits on a bull! Unfortunatly, trying to get Our Glorious Leaders to do anything which might be useful, such as Serving the People, is like trying to pry a bull elephant off a railway track with a popsicle stick! :lol:There. radostsguy’s Exercise in Philosophy for the Day! :wizard: 😀

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