Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional just 8 years old

By Emil Protalinski | Published: January 19, 2009 – 01:51PM CT

Don't worry, you're not the only one having an odd case of déjà-vu: the 9-year-old Indian girl from rural Tamil Nadu who became the youngest to become a Microsoft Certified Professional last month has already lost her title. At 8 years old, Marko Calasan, dubbed the "Mozart of Computers" by the local press in Skopje, Macedonia, is now the youngest MCP. Passing the exam qualifies him to work as a computer network administrator in any company, in between naps and cootie shots. Young Marko gave the following statement to The Times when he was asked about his experience:
The Microsoft officials gave me computer games and DVDs with cartoons when I passed the exams because I am a child. That was nice, but I'm not really interested in those things. I'd like to be a computer scientist when I grow up and create a new operational system.

After learning to read and write at the age of two, Marko moved on to computers thanks to the encouragement of his parents, who are IT experts and run a computer school for children. His favorite class in school is math, but he also enjoys physics, astronomy, and Thai boxing. Talk about a complex individual for an eight year old.

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  1. I was setting up Internet connection at my friends place, about 10 years ago, installing modem and all the software tunning it needed. All the time, their little 10 years old son was watching at me. After I finished, I asked him, half-joking “Can you do it by yourself?” and he said “Yes, I can” :eyes:I deleted all of the settings made and moved from a chair. “Be my guest”, I told him. He sat there and did everything I did, spending about the same time I did. I nearly fainted.He is studying computer sciencies now :left:After that, I never challenged any kid :ko:

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