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  1. I`m honored to be the friend of a nation witch Obama leads ;)I congratulate not Only Americans,but the free people in the world :up: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: welcome to the white house Barack H. Obama 🙂 a left handed man just like me :happy: with the best wish for the world to be a better place for us all citizens of the human nation :love:Let Obama be the man who history will remember as a symbol of human unity witch race,gender,age etc, will not matter in the facing of humans in origin 🙂 we are one :happy: My president Barack H. Obama :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:God bless America and it`s nation :up: And god bless my American friends :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: May Obama be the man to free Persia :yes: :sst: that bush guy is history wohoooooooo :headbang: :hat: :hat: :hat: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :wine: :wine: :wine:

  2. I watched the inauguration, and I hate to admit that I sat there kinda waiting for him to get shot. I know how horrible that sounds, but there are a lot of morons out there who don’t like the idea of having a black president. 🙁 I hate that people like that still exist. Luckily, my fears were just that and he wasn’t harmed at all. 😀 I need to learn to worry less. :rolleyes:

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