What is with spamers?

I have goten 17 things this year most in the last few months. Some even had porn in them.

Also 2 or 3 fake paypal and ebay emails don't have an account on either

Here are some of the subjects:

From: emrofhci_1975@winning-at-roulette.com
Subject: Paris Hilton Denies Pregnancy to Dell: Says Father Fictitious

From: 49441091983@51884.p-world.jp
Subject: Paris Hilton, New Advocate for Prisoners Rights?

From: Indira-ellaferi@mauromoraes.com.br
Subject: Paris Hilton's vagina bites mailman!

From: emmassuk2007@gregghenson.com
Subject: World's Muslims Reject Britney's Conversion to Islam

From: ma-mocs_1982@chemco.net
Subject: msnbc.com – BREAKING NEWS: Mccain Will Promote The Takeover Of America

From: Barry-hstezrev@532500.net
Subject: msnbc.com – BREAKING NEWS: Home Office To Deport Anyone With Iq Below 100

From: csato-oiretuel@pelicanhill.com
Subject: msnbc.com – BREAKING NEWS: Scientist Prepare to Colonize Redneck Area

From: ugnet@eventgames.com
Subject: msnbc.com – BREAKING NEWS: McCain Endorses Bush For 3rd Term

From: Feliks-paradise@lumenartis.com
Subject: msnbc.com – BREAKING NEWS: NASDAQ index gains 720 points overnight upon war announcement

9 Replies to “What is with spamers?”

  1. I’m using Gmail, and it eats basically 99.9% of the spam received. However, I can’t help but smile when I read this futile spam attempt: Subject: msnbc.com – BREAKING NEWS: Home Office To Deport Anyone With Iq Below 100 🙂

  2. more recent spamSubject:She said you’re ambitiousGet all the virginal girls with thisshe’ll swallow for sureShe said it was so thick like a tree trunk The best kind of natural high Give her plenty to moan aboutNever resort to enlargement surgeryHassle free ED deliverySpread her legs with thisManhood of steel Take her hard and deeptotal of 29 so far for the year

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